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BLT Love and Beyond!

Summer | July 12, 2016 | By

So It is officially summer and what that means in my kitchen are fresh no fuss meals and tomato season.  When you put those two together you get the BLT for lunch, dinner and really for whenever.  These days I might even eat one as a snack! 

Heirloom Tomato

I must admit that I am bit of traditionalist when it comes to the BLT.  I enjoy mine the best on lightly toasted sourdough bread. I start with my favorite sourdough battard sliced from Tin Roof Bakery here in Chico.  To it I add only real mayonnaise-let me make this clear-REAL MAYONAISE.  I don’t mess with this step.  You are making a bacon sandwich for crying out loud, but you are going to put non-fat mayo on it.  Mind blowing!  A crisp slice of romaine lettuce, the freshest preferably homegrown tomatoes, topped with a grind of pepper and pinch of salt.  To that add the perfectly crisp bacon and then the other slice of bread-in that order please.BLT

But for those of you who just cant help but try to take the BLT to the next level this list is for you: 

BLT and beyond…

  1. Lets start off easy for my sake.  HOMEMADE MAYO:  Mayo is made from whole eggs, vinegar, oil and seasonings.  It is a simple emulsion recipe-ya ok its a little food science and maybe some food safety so who better to learn from then Alton Brown. 
  2. FLAVORED MAYO:  I can really see this working.  My inspirations would be:  Feta Mayo, Basil Mayo, Dilled Mayo, Lemon Garlic Mayo, and Siriacha Mayo.  I would use fresh ingredients; herbs, cheese, chopped garlic and just mix and mash it into the mayo and add according to the classic recipe.
  3. ADD SHRIMP:  There is something very special about a shrimp sandwich.  It has a delicate sweet flavor and wonderful texture.  I might even pair it with the dilled mayo and really get into it.  Poached grilled or sautéed-just keep them fresh and add them to your BLT.
  4. This is almost a classic addition here in California, but go BLTA whenever possible.  The “A”  is for avocado of course.  As a nutrition minded person and a food lover it doesn’t get better than an avocado.  A few slices can really elevate the BLT, provide a hearty mouthfeel and some good fats.
  5. ADD MORE VEGGIES:  Of course I said that!  How about topping that basil mayo with thin slices of cucumbers and red onions.  Add bulk to the greens with any micro green or my favorite arugula.  With that we are getting really close to making this sandwich cover all the colors of the rainbow.  With the fabulous heirloom tomatoes out their we may indeed need to rename this to the  RAINBOW BLT.
  6. Lets make breakfast to go-ADD AN EGG.  I suggest a lovely over medium egg with some yolk to run over that bacon and down your chin.  Ok so put a napkin in your lap if your driving to work-but it will be worth it.  Egg has such an amazing texture and taste it really makes for a hearty, fresh and lasting breakfast sandwich.
  7. Add CHEESE…CHEESE?…Really?  Ok this is beginning to stretch my BLT boundaries big time.  The only cheese that may be soft mild and non competing enough to handle the marriage of flavors in a BLT would be a creamy mozzarella or burrata.  Careful they can come with a lot of moisture and ruin your sandwich.  So really we are draining it and spreading it on one side of the bread, then adding the tomato, bacon, lettuce and mayo on the opposing bread slice.  Ok I could do this.
Whatever you do this summer make sure and squeeze in a BLT while the tomatoes are full of flavor and delicious.  I hope to learn more about your BLT creations and maybe hear more from the purists as well.  Happy summer eating! 

Cherry Tomatoes