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Post Holiday Lack of Inspiration: Hello Blue Apron!

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Blue apron noodlesA few months ago, my guy and I were lucky enough to be sent a trial of Blue Apron.  A medium sized cardboard box showed up at our door and inside was a bag of insulated bubbles, with giant ice packs-think mini refrigerator-holding all our goodies.  Burried within were beautifully chilled vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat and little brown paper bags of condiments labeled with the names of the recipes.  The boxes are delivered weekly, and include three dinner recipes a bit about an ingredient/farm and everything you need except olive oil, salt and pepper.  You can opt in and out of weeks for delivery-online, the boxes come for two or four people and the recipes are fabulous and we loved it.  Cost is about $10 a meal, calories are under 800 and cooking with prep time is less than 40 minutes.  For those of you who occasionally lack inspiration for the weeknight meal but are a stickler about cooking at home with quality ingredients-this may be an option for you.  

My favorite dish this week:  Carmalized Leek & Barley Miso Ramen (see pic)- I cannot say enough about the sweet savory combo here-the fact that it was vegetarian-and included a new take on hello Delicata squash-loved it!


Cooking at home-always healthier than eating out!

My guy and I cook these together-we are more efficient that way-and oh ya and we get to hang out!


Be more transparent about where produce and meats are coming from

Give us info on the food miles vs. what we are saving in packaging/food waste at the grocery store

Note:  Some ingredients are sourced locally:   Greens from Gilroy, CA , Pasta from Santa Cruz Pasta Factory, Santa Cruz, CA, Citrus grown in the San Joaquin Valley, CA, Peppers from Guinda, CA, Ghee from San Francisco, CA…


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