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Merry Christmas Cookie Exchange

Christmas, Sweet, Winter | December 10, 2017 | By

I sit basking in the sweet scores of yesterdays cookie exchange party.  Enjoying the hard work and craft of others before the house wakes-with my tea of course.

I am in the Christmas spirit now so Merry Christmas all-now let’s bring on the good eats!

My family and I have been very busy this fall-with me in my internship and my now one year old and my super commuting hubs.  We are still eating and loving life, but I have missed posting here.  As my graduation looms and I study for my RD exam I am super excited to get back to sharing.  

For all of you considering hosting or attending a cookie exchange I say go for it.  Thankfully my sister-in-law was in the Christmas spirit and dragged me along with her this year.  I had no idea how I was going to bust out four dozen Christmas cookies.  I considered backing out, was I going to be up until midnight some night making cookies?  Was I going to let the baby systematically dismantle the kitchen and the pantry to get it done?  Well truth be told it was somewhere in between those extreme examples.

I carefully selected a slice and bake short bread recipe.  One I had made some time ago back in the Martha Stewart icebox cookie rage days.  So I made the Cranberry Noel or Cranberry Orange zest rimmed with pecans.  Slice and bake was the way to go.  Although shortbread can be tricky in terms of the dough staying together-I food processed it and it worked wonderfully.  Additionally I had help.  My sweet hubby helped me take batches out, put batches in and most of all not forget the darn timer!!  I can be a little attention deficit when it comes to ten minute batches of anything.  

So I did not win the best cookie but those things although not the healthiest were beautiful and delicious!  Who can compete when the Italian women pull out the almond paste and home make it-can you say yum!

Here is to uncorking some cheer and resetting your expectations for getting in the holiday spirit and getting out there.  Share food with those you love and see you brighter and lighter in the new year!



Shortbread recipe adapted from this great Mom blog:


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