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Matcha Mexican Hot Chocolate

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The weather is changing and it is time for a spicy warm antioxidant power house treat!

Admittedly, I may be suffering from a little, “and what else is better with Matcha ..?”Ibara wedge

It is true- that’s how I got here-with a little experimentation, but the results are fabulous!  When there is a chill in the air foamy warm Mexican hot chocolate with its deep chocolate flavor and subtle spice is a favorite of mine. 

This version adds in just a touch of green tea earthy goodness.  Try it with your favorite milk or unsweetened non-milk beverage and work up that foam.

A cup of this may give you an extra nutrition boost from the matcha and cinnamon, but it is still a warm cup of liquid sugar. So keep it small, indulge irregularly, hold it close and savor every sip.

Mex Hot Chocolate

Matcha Mexican Hot Chocolate
  1. 1 cup milk or milk alternative of your choosing
  2. ¼ of Mexican chocolate (Ibarra…)
  3. ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  4. ½ teaspoon Matcha green tea powder
  1. Combine milk, chocolate and cinnamon in a small heavy bottom pot over low heat. Stir frequently with whisk or molinillo (Mexican Hot Chocolate) until well combined and foamy. Do not boil. Add in Matcha and mix thoroughly. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy.
  1. Tip: Add the Matcha into a small amount of the hot chocolate first and then add the remaining hot chocolate. This is an easier way to dissolve the Matcha and smooth out any lumps that might form.
  2. The measurements can be expanded to make larger batches perfectly. Additionally, the molinillo is best for use in larger or deep batches of this recipe-, it makes amazing foam.
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